Social economy and integration of young people from immigrant families within European society

Author : PHILIPPE Alain
Published : 2004
Editor : PEFONDES and the European Commission DG Education and Culture, Paris
Language : French

White book for the European Commission presenting two years  works Livre blanc piloted by PEFONDES in 4 european countries.

Living together?
Guidelines for reflection for improved accessibility to youth associations in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia.

Author : PELLERIAUX Koen
Published : 2005
Editor : Acco, Leuven-Voorburg
Language : French and Dutch

Belgium offers a wide range of social and recreational forums to its youth. However, certain groups seem to be ill-represented in our youth work. For that reason, the Foundation P&V has created the project “Live Together: promoting the accessibility of young people's associations”. This project spanning several years wants to enhance the debate on several key sectors for young people, in direct contact with the target group itself. This book is the result of a bilingual seminal that took place on 10 December 2004 in preparation to this project.

Available upon request.

European guide

Published : 2009
Editor : PEFONDES and European Commission DG Education and Culture, Brussels
Language : English and French

The CID Project helped creating spaces for exchange, participation, where the floor was given to everyone in five European countries. Even if the focuses on intercultural dialogue, target publics and methods of debate varied depending on national contexts, the objectives remained the same for all. The idea was to create a new space for dialogue, separated from any professional or political stake in order to get to know the “Other”, the one we do not meet on a daily basis and hold prejudice against.

Available upon request.

One country/two languages
Stories over language diversity

Authors : ELCHARDUS Mark, SERVAIS Olivier and DE KEERE Kobe
Published : 2011
Editor : Lannoo Campus
Language : Dutch and French

French-speakers, Dutch-speakers : How to hold a dialogue with each other ? The choice of the Belgian “Citizenship-Interculturality-Dialogue” project was quickly oriented towards a public dialogue related to linguistic diversity. Given the historical and social situation Belgium is facing as a bilingual country, it is important to trigger a constructive dialogue between the two linguistic communities.