Young people excluded by early school leaving and unemployment

The Foundation P&V combats the exclusion of young people. Numerous researchers in Belgium and abroad have concluded that the lack of skills and employment qualifications are significant sources of exclusion and a cause of future social marginalisation. Early school leaving and a lack of qualifications generally result in precarious work situations and long-term unemployment, as well as ever longer transitional periods between education and employment. This is a major social problem in Europe and Belgium, particularly in certain regions and major cities and among some minority groups.


Accordingly, the Foundation P&V has launched a far-reaching multi-annual Research/Action programme, to be implemented from 2012 to 2014 and covering various stages:

  • The sharing of scientific knowledge and ideas on the causes of and possible solutions for the lack of suitable skills, unemployment among unqualified young people and, in particular, long-term youth unemployment.
  • An increase in this knowledge based on expert opinions and experience, plus the identification of policies and projects able to contribute effectively to resolving the identified problems.
  • The promotion of these policies and sharing of the initiatives and projects thus determined.

Our objectives:

  • Compile the most recent and relevant knowledge on the subject.
  • Identify and analyse the causes and processes of youth exclusion, define the extent of the problem and establish hypotheses.
  • Propose specific projects and solutions to be implemented and provide these with support.
  • Encourage the social integration of the young via suitable qualifications and employment.

Phase I – Research (2012-2013)


Foundation P&V Prize for research on integration of young people excluded by early school leaving and unemployment

Publication of winning articles in


Preparatory working groups

  • Preparatory working groups with Belgian experts to prepare the European conference, the call for projects and the policy recommendations

Conference (7 and 8 March 2013)

  • Presentation work of 9 laureates
  • Confrontation with field experts, practitioners, politicians…
  • Preliminary conclusions preparatory working groups
  • Identification of solutions and good practices
  • Policy questions and recommendations

Phase II – Call for Projects (2013)

Phase III – Action (2014)

  • Project implementation
  • Project monitoring and evaluation
  • International promotion and diffusion